NAET Treatments & Hashimoto’s: #7 – Rice & Potatoes

NAET Treatments & Hashimoto’s: #7 – Rice & Potatoes

Following is a list of everything we’ve covered up to this point. Feel free to click on the links to revisit or catch up on any of my previous NAET posts:

  1. Brain Body Balance
  2. Egg Mix
  3. Calcium Mix
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Sugar
  6. Base

As I stated in my last NAET post, following the last treatment, I was able to go off of all of my digestive enzyme supplements! This is a vast improvement for my digestive system and I’m really looking forward to doing stomach acid, which is a few treatments away, to see what differences that might  make.

Treatment #7 was for rice and potatoes. This treatment is not considered one of the “Basic 15”, but was a little “side trip” in order to prepare me for doing the vitamin B treatment. The vitamin B treatment is challenging, in terms of what you can eat, so my practitioner wanted to try to give me as many options as possible. Since I normally don’t do well with either rice or potatoes, the hope is that treating me for these foods will allow me to tolerate them more easily.

The treatment began, as usual, with muscle testing to see if I cleared the last treatment, which was for digestive enzymes. I did, so we were able to simply move forward from there. My practitioner then tested me for rice and potatoes and, of course, I was weak.  We went through the usual treatment series: spinal “massage” with breathing and energy work, followed by acupuncture.

The avoidance for this treatment turned out to be very easy for me, since I never eat rice or potatoes anyway. My practitioner instructed me to eat a small amount of rice and potatoes regularly after the avoidance period (which was calculated at 50 hours again) to see how well I tolerate them.

We also discussed what I would be able to eat following the vitamin B treatment, which would be after this treatment. The list was not pretty: deep fried fish, deep fried potatoes, white rice, cauliflower…ugh. I decided I would purchase a very small deep fryer so that I could control this process and use my own gluten-free batter for the fish. I have not eaten deep fried anything in about 30 years and haven’t ever really done my own deep frying, so this should be interesting.

After my avoidance period was over, I did try eating potatoes and rice. I’m not fond of potatoes anymore. I’ve lived too long without them. I do like rice, however, but I know I’ll have to be careful about how much I eat after the vitamin B treatment.

I continued to feel pretty good after this treatment and I have been able to hold onto the reductions I made in my medications so far, so that is a good sign.

The adventure continues….

To healing,


Vanessa Gunter, D.M.A., M.A.

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