NAET Treatments & Hashimoto’s: Treatment #8 – Vitamin B

NAET Treatments & Hashimoto’s: Treatment #8 – Vitamin B

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My week following the last treatment for rice and potatoes was uneventful, other than finding out I really don’t want to eat potatoes that much anymore. I think I will opt for rice instead for this treatment coming up. I just like it more.

The avoidance period for this treatment is very challenging. As I mentioned in a previous post, pretty much everything has B vitamins in it, so the only things you can usually eat for this treatment are deep fried fish, deep fried potatoes, white rice and cauliflower. However, I have a brand of veggie chips that I eat (Terra Chips) that claim to be free of vitamin B. I had my practitioner test me for these when I went for the treatment and she said it would be ok for me to eat them. Boy, did that ever turn out to be a lifesaver!

Some people really like deep fried foods, especially if they are still generally adhering to the standard American diet. But, I’ve been off of them for a long, long time and I just really don’t like them so much anymore. I also eliminated rice a couple of years ago after realizing it was contributing to my sugar cravings. As for cauliflower, it’s good for you, but a person with a thyroid problem needs to be judicious about how much is consumed. Cauliflower is considered a goitrogenic food, which means it has the potential to suppress thyroid function, especially if eaten raw. I always cook these foods and try not to eat them more than a few times a week.

I ordered a very small deep fryer in order to fry fish for this treatment, since I didn’t feel I could trust that fish fried at a restaurant would meet all my allergy requirements. I decided to do my frying the day before my treatment, so I wouldn’t have to bother with it after the treatment. I’m usually pretty tired right after these treatments and, many times, that fatigue carries all the way through the avoidance period. Sometimes I only regain my energy the day after coming off of the avoidance period.

Holy Hot Oil! The deep frying was a disaster! I followed the instructions on the fryer and filled it with oil up to the “max line”. When I submerged the basket full of fish into the oil, the oil overflowed onto the counter and all over the floor of the kitchen.

There I was with a truly hot mess on my hands.

My kitties loved this, of course. What an adventure. I did not.

I almost just gave up, but I knew I couldn’t because I would have nothing to eat. So, I just gathered myself and proceeded to clean up everything and try again. I finally managed to make enough fish to last for 2 days, which is my typical avoidance time. I also made enough rice to last for 2 days.

The treatment itself went as usual. We discussed what supplements I would have to avoid: my multivitamin (this always makes life a little harder when I’m not on it) and my 5-htp supplement, which helps me sleep.

My practitioner then muscle tested me for vitamin B and I was very weak. The usual progression of spinal “massage”, energy work, and acupuncture followed. Afterwards, I tested strong for vitamin B.

The avoidance period was not fun. I ate my first meal of fried fish, rice, cauliflower, and Terra chips and, about an hour after eating, my blood sugar started to go down. In order to counteract this, I ate more fish, but I removed the coating first.

Protein always stabilizes my blood sugar.

I knew immediately that I was going to have to cut out the rice and take the coating off of the fish and just eat fish, cauliflower and Terra Chips for the next 2 days. Blech! except for the chips 🙂

So, that’s what I did and I didn’t experience any more issues with my blood sugar after that. But, what a horrible diet to be on. I really hope I don’t have to do anything like that again during these treatments.

My hope for the vitamin B treatment was that it would make a big difference in the state of my muscles, since they tend to get very tight and form knots from time to time, and the B vitamins are critical for muscle function. Unfortunately, the opposite happened, but I don’t think it was because of the treatment. I think the reductions that I took in my meds a couple of weeks ago finally caught up with me. So I increased my LDN (low dose naltrexone) up to 2 mg. to see if that would help.

What’s happening with my muscles now is pretty common when I have an episode. Usually, the left side of my neck and my left shoulder and arm are very tight. This has been a constant since my muscle problems started about 20 years ago. This particular configuration is connected to old injuries sustained while I was playing my flute 8 hours a day for all those years. But what sometimes happens when I have a flare-up is that my right side will suddenly tighten and become very painful for no apparent reason and my left side will actually release. It’s pretty bizarre. This is what happened after this treatment. As a result, I had to go back to the chiropractor and massage therapist for some pain relief as I waited for the increase in my LDN to begin working. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to 2 weeks to happen.

In the meantime, I’m pushing forward with these treatments because I know that, as I get more of them under my belt, everything will continue to improve.

Onward and upward!


Vanessa Gunter, D.M.A., M.A.

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