NAET Treatments & Hashimoto’s – The Iron Series

NAET Treatments & Hashimoto’s – The Iron Series

Please note: this is not medical advice, only my own experience. You should consult with a knowledgeable practitioner as you go through this journey. I am listing the supplements I use only as reference. I am not being compensated for this information.

Hi all,

Back to writing after a hiatus due to the holidays and continuing muscles issues. I’m happy to say that the muscle issues are beginning to abate, so I feel like I can, once again, sit at the computer long enough to “talk” with you guys!

A lot has happened since my last muscle episode and I am continuing to try to figure things out in order to get back to some stability here. I mentioned in my previous post that I believed the onset of these issues to be caused by lowering my meds and some supplements too much in combination with taking my NAET treatments too often.

In recent weeks, I have re-introduced my adrenal supplements (Pure Encapsulations adrenal cortex) at 2 per day and Ultra Benfotiamine (Douglas Labs) at 1 per day. This has helped with allergies, depression and energy, as well as with muscle tone.

A couple of weeks ago, my allergies began to flair again. Turns out that the new vitamin D supplement I was trying had vanilla in it and….guess what….I’m allergic to vanilla. So I am back to my original vitamin D supplement (Jarrow) for the time being. This vanilla allergy will be addressed at some point during my NAET treatments, but that will be down the road a piece.

About a week after that flair-up, my allergies started screaming at me again….now what!? I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I finally ended up with a headache. This told me that I had exceeded my histamine safety levels. So, I’ve spent the last week or so trying to get that back under control. I’m not sure why this has raised its ugly head again, but my NAET practitioner believes that it’s due to the fact that I didn’t completely clear my last treatment. Thankfully, this problem seems to be slowly getting under control again. I intend to write a post on histamine, since people with gut issues can very often have this problem, but until then, just know that these supplements can be very helpful in controlling the problem:

  1. Antronex (Standard Process)
  2. Mangosteen
  3. Quercetin
  4. Adequate Vitamin C 
  5. Proper adrenal support (adrenal cortex and/or hydrocortisone and/or adaptogens)

And now back to my NAET treatments! If you are just joining us on this journey and would like to catch up, please click on any or all of the links below to go to posts pertaining to previous treatments:

  1. Brain Body Balance
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  3. Calcium Mix
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Sugar
  6. Base
  7. Rice & Potatoes
  8. Vitamin B
  9. Stomach Acid

I’m calling this post the “iron series” because this has turned out to be a series of FOUR treatments in order to get my body to be at peace with iron, finally. Iron has been a biggie for me since at least my early twenties, and maybe for longer. It was then that I was diagnosed with borderline anemia after complaining about constant fatigue, but the only direction I was given at the time was to eat more red meat and spinach. I did this, but I don’t think it helped much. I believe that I was already struggling with the very early stages of Hashi’s at this point, given my digestive problems since birth and exposure to Epstein-Barre at a young age.

If only someone had been knowledgeable enough about this condition at that point in time to test for markers…

I often wonder how different my life might have been. I know many of you out there probably wonder similar things about your own life.

If you’ve been reading my previous posts about NAET treatments, then you’ve probably realized that all the sessions follow the same blueprint. What has usually been happening is that my practitioner tests to see if I’ve cleared the substance that I was treated for in the last session. Typically, I have and we move on to the next substance in the protocol.

But things got pretty complicated with iron.

All of the iron treatments in this series were the usual “spinal massage”, breathing and energy work, followed by acupuncture. The avoidance period was usually 48 – 50 hours for me.

Here is the list of allowed foods for iron: white rice without fortification, sour dough bread without iron, dairy products, cauliflower, potato, chicken, egg white, light green vegetables, iceberg lettuce, carrots, onions, garlic, berries, melons, tomatoes, pineapple, apple, pear, yellow banana, cucumber, citrus fruits, olive oil, vegetable oil, ginger, garlic.

Now, out of these foods, I can only eat chicken, light green veggies, iceberg lettuce, carrots and ginger, due to food sensitivities and allergies. However, I decided to eat a little goat cheese and cauliflower for this treatment in order to keep from starving to death.

Mind you, I was already having muscle problems (again) when I was doing this avoidance, which turned out to be another mistake on my part. My system really wasn’t strong enough to be able to handle this, so I wasn’t doing myself any favors by going through this treatment at this point in time. But I didn’t really realize it at the time. Additionally, eating cauliflower for 2 days isn’t great for your thyroid gland.

I got through the avoidance and managed to get my energy back after a couple of days. When I went back for the next treatment, my practitioner tested me and found that my body was asking for “combination” treatments of iron and B vitamins, as well as for iron and stomach acid and digestive enzymes.

Combination treatments seem to occur when your body is trying to learn to process a substance, but needs to do it in a certain context.

When doing a combination treatment, you can choose which avoidance protocol to follow out of the substances in the combination. So, for iron and B vitamins, I could either follow the protocol for iron again, or do the protocol for B vitamins.

I decided to stick with the iron protocol because it’s easier, even though it still wasn’t great for my system overall. Once again, I was faced with 2 days of chicken, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots and some goat cheese. When I returned for the next treatment, thankfully I had cleared the combination.

Next was the combination of iron with stomach acid and digestive enzymes. I could choose from these three substances for my avoidance protocol. I chose stomach acid, since the protocol is essentially eggs and veggies and I was totally sick of chicken and cauliflower by now. The avoidance wasn’t a problem in terms of the foods, but I was continuing to have issues with my muscles and it was at this point that it dawned on me that all the deprivation I was going through with these treatments might be connected to these issues.

I decided to postpone my next treatment for a couple of weeks in order to give my body time to rest. My practitioner was on board with this decision, thankfully. In the meantime, I was making regular trips to the chiropractor and massage therapist in an attempt to get things calmed down a bit.

It turned out that my shoulder blade had actually rotated outward.

No wonder I was in so much pain! This thing just decided to do this in the middle of the night one night and I woke up the next morning with very little lateral movement in my arm. All the musculature around my shoulder blade had constricted to the point where the shoulder blade had no choice but to rotate.

It has been a very slow process getting these muscles to calm down and relax in order to allow the bone to go back into place, but I am finally there, thank goodness.

When I went back for my next treatment, my practitioner tested to see if I had cleared the iron/stomach acid/digestive enzymes combination. Unfortunately, I only cleared the iron with the digestive enzymes, so we had to treat again for the iron and stomach acid. Since I had enjoyed a few weeks off from treatments, I was ok with eating veggie omelettes for 2 days again…and I decided to wait another couple of weeks before another treatment in order to protect the recovery I was having with my muscles.

I did manage to finally clear the iron and stomach acid the next time around. YAY. Now on to something new and different  🙂

Onward and Upward!


Vanessa Gunter, D.M.A., M.A.


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